MSA Terrace Metrics Partnership

Magnet Schools of America recognizes Terrace Metrics as a key partner in delivering social-emotional learning, risk and resiliency assessments.

Terrace Metrics provides risk and resilience profiles and Magnet Schools of America provides vision, leadership and support for innovative programs that promote choice, equity, diversity, access, and excellence for all students.

MASON, OH – April 27, 2021 – Terrace Metrics was recently recognized by Magnet Schools of America as a leader in behavioral health and assessments for leading schools across the United States. Dr. Rich Gilman, co-founder and president of Terrace Metrics, presented unique and powerful ways schools can provide risk and resiliency assessments, along with intervention tools and support.

“When we measure, manage and monitor resiliency at the student level, the improvements are felt through the entire school. Whether it’s increased attendance or data to support staff and new programs, the power of Terrace Metrics promotes excellence for students and the educational community,” said Dr. Gilman. “That is why we are so excited to be recognized by the Magnet Schools of America as they promote innovative programs for their members.”

A recording of the presentation is available. Please contact us to get a link and find out more about Terrace Metrics.


About Terrace Metrics

Terrace Metrics was created by licensed psychologists, educators, and experts in behavioral health, social-emotional learning, and curriculum development. The system covers K-12 and higher education students and educators, corporate environments, and specialized settings such as first responders and healthcare.  Terrace Metrics provides a comprehensive analysis of the most robust, empirically supported indicators of behavioral health and adversity.  In just 15 minutes, individuals complete an online assessment, and the results are immediately provided to either members of a response team (if minors), or directly to the user (if adult). These results are converted into several products, including videos, parent and teacher curricula, a self-guided curriculum, and other comprehensive resources. Among youth, Terrace Metrics can quickly identify and allow response teams to help those who are struggling at the lower end of the behavioral health continuum and formulate strategies to advance them higher in the continuum.

Visit the Terrace Metrics website.

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