Parent Reports

As part of *** School District’s continued effort to assess the strengths and needs of its students, *** recently completed a comprehensive resiliency and risk survey. The survey assesses a number of social, behavioral, and psychological strengths that are known to contribute to optimal school and learning experiences. In addition, the survey includes specific distress indicators.  A complete description of the scales, their items, and how they are scored are found in Appendix A of this document.

How to Interpret the Color Coded Output

All measures are scored and colored coded based on grade range.  Both middle and high school students were only compared against their school peers.

Each indicator is color code based on how well *** is functioning in each area. Scores that are marked in RED indicate that the score is significantly below what other peers are reporting. Scores in DARK GREEN indicate that they are functioning significantly better than their peers (that is, a personal strength for them). Finally, scores with no color at all mean that they are functioning at the same level as their peers.

Please note that depression is a separate entity: should any student rate their depression at least in the moderate range, they were automatically placed in the Concern range regardless of functioning in other areas.  Further, students who rated the self-harm variable were automatically coded red, again regardless of color codes in the other variables. Should your child have their depression score coded as red, please contact your school’s counselor or administrator for guidance.

The following lists some suggestions for improvement, should your child’s score fall in the red range for any of these variables.