Tier 1

The Terrace Metrics Tier 1 curriculum includes three sequential 35-45 minute lessons: LAUNCH, LEARN, and LIVE.

The Tier 1 curriculum focuses on:

  • Definitions and vocabulary related to the module (indicator).
  • The importance of this module (indicator) and how it affects your life.
  • The behaviors (both positive and negative) associated with this indicator.
  • Recognition of when and why the behaviors are occurring.
  • Skills and strategies to develop, improve, increase, foster, and/or maintain the indicator.
  • Opportunities to apply learned skills and knowledge in real life.

Tier 2

The Terrace Metrics Tier 2 curriculum is available for the “Big Four” modules: HOPE, GRIT, GLOBAL SATISFACTION and POSITIVE PEER EXPERIENCES. Three additional modules, STANDARDS, LEADERSHIP and POSITIVE SCHOOL EXPERIENCES will be added soon.

The Tier 2 curriculum focuses on:

  • Identifying why a student feels lacking in that indicator.
  • Identifying specific areas in that indicator that need to be strengthened and/or addressed (Mindset, communication, goals, etc.)
  • Skills and strategies to use if/when students feel lacking in this indicator (What can I do when I am feeling hopeless, ostracized, unhappy, etc.)
  • Resources to utilize when students feel lacking in this indicator (What adults/peers are in my support group? How do I know who is trustworthy IRL and OL? How do I communicate with people in my support group?)

Tier 3

The Terrace Metrics Tier 3 curriculum is the most intensive intervention and is designed for school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and even nurses who work with students reporting high anxiety (either identified through TM or other means). The protocol is skills-based and has been shown to rapidly improve anxiety (in as few as 7 sessions) by giving school-based professionals the tools to help students help themselves.

The Tier 3 curriculum focuses on:

  • Providing very targeted and intensive support, instruction, and resources related to the findings in Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction.
  • Frequent monitoring and progress checks.

The Tier 3 curriculum requires two, 3-hour training sessions for facilitators. To request more information on the Tier 3 training contact richgilman@terracemetrics.org.