Who We Serve

K12 Schools

We work with schools and districts across the US to provide the right behavioral health support to kids and teachers and ultimately positively impact educational outcomes.

Learn how Terrace Metrics is being used to measure, monitor and manage behavioral health and wellness in K12 schools across the country.

First Responders

We engage with law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT’s and firefighters to help them deal with the constant exposure to stressful daily situations and long working hours; so that they can continue to do what they do best: help others.

Learn how Terrace Metrics is being used by First Responders to measure, manage and monitor behavioral health and wellness.

General Workplace

We help employers improve their employee’s morale, decrease burnout rates, absenteeism and improve workplace relationships through catered behavioral health support mechanism.

Learn how we measure, manage and monitor behavioral health and wellness in the workplace.

Higher Education

Terrace Metrics collaborates with universities and their administrations to better understand the behavioral health of their students and teachers, per campus, per community and improve dropout rates, grade levels and educational outcomes.

Learn how universities measure, manage and monitor behavioral health and wellness for faculty and students.


In just 15 minutes, assessments are complete through our secure, private, and confidential tool. The assessments are customized to the needs of their organization. In workplace settings and in higher education, individualized results are generated immediately and are only seen by the participant. In schools, student results are immediately provided only to response teams.

We create an online report that is:

  • Interactive
  • Accessible immediately
  • Directs participants to self-guided curricula | videos | other intervention tools

The assessment

  • Is accessible on any platform (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Can be taken at any time and as many times as they would like to monitor and improve their own behavioral health


  • The system can be monitored by trained professionals within the organization that can quickly contact individuals self-identified as being in high distress
  • Aggregated data is provided through a variety of reports to the leaders of the organization, helping them understand the overall behavioral health of their staff or students

Our Indicators

All assessments and reports are based on 2 key Indicators that help to fully assess the behavioral health of participants:

Resiliency Indicators (depression, anxiety, victimization, ostracism)


Risk Indicators (resiliency, grit, hope)