Terrace Metrics Actionaly Partnership

Terrace Metrics partners with Actionaly to boost behavioral health and social-emotional learning in schools

CINCINNATI, OH / SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 1, 2021 — Ohio-based Terrace Metrics recently partnered with California-based Actionaly, to revolutionize how social-emotional learning (SEL) and risk are measured, monitored and managed in schools. The partnership combines multi-channel communication, cross-stakeholder engagement and speed with the powerful technology of Terrace Metrics in a groundbreaking approach.

“Today more than 60% of students with behavioral health risks are suffering in silence, and often parents are not aware. Actionaly improves family engagement across all communication channels,” said Rich Gilman, CEO of Terrace Metrics. “This kind of active parent engagement can have an incredible impact on the kids that need it most.”

Having performed well over one million assessments, Terrace Metrics has the data and flexibility to help school districts configure assessments to fit their unique culture of SEL and response requirements. This makes it easier for school districts to roll out SEL, risk and resiliency assessments, while supporting counselor-response teams with scientific data to help students.

“Our partnership with Actionaly makes it faster and easier for students and families to engage with the assessment, the counselors, and with each other,” said Gilman. “Which takes a lot of the burden off the schools and helps them respond faster, with fewer resources.” 

Additionally, most SEL assessments administered by schools only measure the five core competencies of SEL as defined by CASEL, Terrace Metrics also measures risk and resilience. “Terrace Metrics was founded on the principle of measuring resilience along with risk, to provide a picture of the whole individual. And schools can configure the software to measure as much SEL, risk and resilience as they want, to fit into their plans and response capabilities,” added Gilman.

“Working with Terrace Metrics is the kind of partnership we look for at Actionaly, companies that work with students, families and educators to make a huge impact on their lives,” said Gauthier Philippart, CEO of Actionaly. “We founded Actionaly to create a way to stay better connected to our children’s life at school—to make sure they didn’t fall through the cracks. Now, with Terrace Metrics, we get to help students who may not have the resilience to achieve at the highest level. Especially today, with the pandemic and students trying to go through school remotely.”

Actionaly has created technology to streamline everything from district-level compliance requirements to parent-teacher conferences and sign up forms, providing transparent engagement for the entire family. Core to Actionaly, is the concept of “actionable-messaging,” where parents and students receive and interact with messages wherever it fits them best—email, SMS, chat—even translated. This helps students and parents take action with the fewest clicks possible, removing extra logins, payment gateways and outside apps. Combined with standard features like newsletters and emergency alerts as well as direct messaging (voice and video call, or chats), Actionaly offers a full communication suite that districts can leverage to seamlessly engage families.

“We are excited to work with Terrace Metrics and help increase the number of students who participate in SEL, risk and resiliency assessments, and to help the counselors and schools respond faster wherever possible. I believe, together, we can really make a difference” said Philippart.

About Terrace Metrics

Terrace Metrics provides social-emotional learning (SEL), risk and resiliency software to schools across the globe. Created by licensed psychologists, educators, and experts who are passionate about improving the behavioral health of individuals, Terrace Metrics has performed well over 1 million assessments. This group, which consists of nationally and internationally recognized leaders in behavioral health, social-emotional learning, curriculum development, and developmental science, are driven by the belief that working together, we can impact people’s lives for the better. []

About Actionaly

Actionaly is an active-engagement platform for families, used by school districts to allow parents to respond to school requests in as few clicks as possible. No extra apps or logins required. Payments. Registration. Announcements. Events. Translation. From years of experience working with districts of all sizes, Actionaly has a deep understanding of how to meet the diverse needs of school communities. The platform doesn’t just simplify parent participation. It captures data and insights that can then be leveraged to strengthen ongoing family engagement and bring that expertise to partners joining the Actionaly platform. Smart reports and analytics help administrators keep their fingers on the pulse of parent engagement across their whole school or district. Actionaly is an entire platform designed for taking action, freeing educators and parents to spend time on what matters most—relationships. []


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