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Changing The Destiny Of Kids For The Better

You went into education to help kids.  But so many kids are at-risk – they are disengaged at school, stressed at home, susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse, and may even be a threat to themselves or others.  But sometimes you don’t know who these kids are until damage is done – and even then, you don’t know how to focus the limited resources you have to help them.

What you need is a way to find, target, and intervene with these kids early on, to change the course of their lives…

Now there’s a tool that can do just that.

Terrace Metrics is a quick, comprehensive way to assess the behavior health status of students from grade 3 to adult

In addition to covering the standard Social and Emotional Learning Indicators we also measures BOTH risk factors (depression, anxiety, victimization, ostracism) AND protective factors (resiliency, grit, hope).

Measuring both is critical – the presence of even one risk indicator reduces academic performance 20%, increases the chance of drop out, and drives poor outcomes, including early death.  But one protective factor can cut those risks by half.

Working with us, school systems can locate where kids are on a validated resiliency/risk continuum, from At-Risk to Optimal.  They can then target resources  – bringing help to students that need it, and making sure Optimal students are supported so they can be high achievers.

The time to complete the assessment is short (15-20 minutes), and after the student completes the tool our algorithms immediately generate and transmit a comprehensive, individualized report that can be accessed by school response teams and parents. The collective results are then used generate aggregate reports, which allows schools and districts to monitor the resiliency of their students over time and in response to interventions. Finally, all reports are accompanied by empirically-based and easy-to-implement curricula, lesson plans, and videos.

Finally, the tool itself and all information provided by Terrace Metrics has undergone stringent empirical scrutiny. The system has been validated against academic and behavior outcomes on over 50,000 students from grade 3-12.